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Female Hysteria Vintage

1930s Flag Print Beach Pajamas

1930s Flag Print Beach Pajamas

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1930s lightweight cotton beach pajamas with an orange and purple flag print. Low back with single button closure.  

- Size Medium / Large - 

Bust: 38” - 40”
Waist: 34”
Bodice: 16”
Hips: 45”
Rise: approx 16” to waist 
Inseam: 20”
Length: 53”


Condition: Good. Delicate, handle with care. Sold AS IS. 
-Several tears / holes have been patched with a fusible to stabilize. patched holes at bottom have faint rust marks. One unpatched small hole. 
- Some  Fraying / wear: most notable at button hole
- Crease on legs from pervious hem

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