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Female Hysteria Vintage

Edwardian Riding Skirt (It's pants!)

Edwardian Riding Skirt (It's pants!)

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 Edwardian riding skirt with very interesting construction, it's pants underneath and at the back! Fastens with a bunch of hook & eye closures. Wraps across the front. 

- Size Extra Small - Hook and eyes have been moved over to make waist a more wearable size. At current size the skirt does not hook all the way across the front as originally intended, but still looks amazing. 

Current measurements / Original measurements 

Waist: 26"  / original waist 21" 

Hips: 42" / original hip fastened across the front 37" 

Rise: 15" 

Inseam: Approx. 30"

Length: 39" 

Condition: Good! Sold AS IS. Have not been cleaned Very wearable. May need to move some hooks to fit. 
- Staining, most concentrated at the bottom of the legs 
- Some stitching coming out in various places, Nothing that effects structure / wearability. see photos
- Some of the loops for the hooks are broken at the front of the skirt
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